When DiVino was founded, we were guided by two main goals: to familiarise ourselves with the fresh directions of domestic wine culture and to bring winemakers closer to our guests.


That’s why we serve the wines of young Hungarian winemakers in all our wine bars. The good wines are provided by members of the Junibor Association of 29 young talents, who you can meet monthly on our themed winedates. Find the details of the wine tasting events on our Facebook page!


Have a drink with your friends and, if the glass is not enough, take home the best Hungarian wines!



Our winemakers

Know more about the Junibor association!

Young Winemakers’ Association

The Junibor – Young Winemakers’ Association was founded with the aim of creating a community that will ensure the progression of the future winemaking generation.

Professional support

The most important thing is that the members help each other and thus make better and more beloved wines.


Beside their own study and progression, they also want to reach their own generation and encourage them to understand and appreciate the civilized wine consuming methods. That’s why they consider engaging with young wine drinkers as a key part of the association’s work.

Meet the Junibor members at the winedates in the DiVino Wine Bar!

Meet the Junibor members at the DiVino winedates or get to know the Junibor members: